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Free Registry Cleaner From CCleaner

In previous articles, I've been explain about wise registry cleaner, this article will explain other applications from CCleaner. What's the difference CCleaner software from another, is more complete because CCleaner can be used in addition to cleaning registry, can also be used to clean history, cookies from your browser, uninstall programs on your windows. So practically CCleaner is one of the most complete registry cleaner program.In other words, you can use the CCleaner for some functions, cleaning your registry and uninstal


So for those of you who are looking for a reliable registry cleaner, then CCleaner is the right choice to clean your computer registry, so that computer performance will be faster. Another CCleaner feature is to set the startup windows, you can disable, enable, or delete items at windows startup, so the startup process will be faster because fewer items that must be loaded by windows when the process srartup.

Download CCleaner Free Registry Cleaner


Rob said...

CCleaner is one of the best free tool for a great Windows registry cleaning. Very useful and easy to use.

Rudro Rusho said...

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