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AVG Free Edition 9.0

Attacked by the virus is very frustrating, because virus will cause some problems on the computer, such as causing computer slower than before, and even worse could damage the existing data in our computer. To reduce the risk of viruses, we can use anti virus. There are many anti virus software that is available, there are paid and some are free. Both free and paid anti virus software has advantages and disadvantages of each. This time I will write about AVG's free anti virus, this anti virus is quite popular and widely used by people.

AVG Free Edition is a free anti virus you can use without paying. This free anti virus is one of the best anti virus in the world. AVG Free Edition can protect your computer from various kinds of harm caused by viruses, worms, spyware and other that could damage the system on the computer. AVG Free Edition is perfect for those of you who frequently surf, because AVG Free Edition provides several online protections, such as LinkScanner, Phishing Protection, and Spyware.

Phishing Protection provides protection from sites that may be harmful, in other words AVG will make you more secure when browsing and avoid from threats that can damage your computer. So for those of you who need a good computer security while online and offline you can use AVG.

AVG Free Edition, free use for one computer and only for personal use. AVG Free Edition can be used on windows environment, such as XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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Teamviewer Remote Desktop Free

Remote-Desktop-freeMany remote desktop applications that are available out there, to connect one computer to another computer, either through a local network (LAN) or via the internet. From a variety of remote desktop applications all have their respective advantages. But based on my experience one of the best remote desktop application is TeamViewer. TeamViewer, ideal for those of you who often connect remotely. If you are an IT support, using TeamViewer you can easily access your computer from anywhere via an Internet connection. TeamViewer is very stable, fast and easy to use.


TeamViewer has several main functions:
  1. For Remote Desktop
  2. File Transfer
  3. For Presentation
  4. and VPN
TeamViewer is a remote desktop application with free license for personal use, It has been several years, I use TeamViewer for personal purposes, such as accessing my computer from the office or somewhere else when I needed, or to transfer files from my computer to another computer in the office.Like I said, TeamViewer Remote Desktop is very easy to use and stable. We just run TeamViewer on the two computers that will diremote, of course must have the same version. Once connected, we will get the ID and password. ID is used for identity by the other computers that will access. Once connected, we can start doing remote or exchanging files, even did a presentation from a distance.

Free Registry Cleaner From CCleaner

In previous articles, I've been explain about wise registry cleaner, this article will explain other applications from CCleaner. What's the difference CCleaner software from another, is more complete because CCleaner can be used in addition to cleaning registry, can also be used to clean history, cookies from your browser, uninstall programs on your windows. So practically CCleaner is one of the most complete registry cleaner program.In other words, you can use the CCleaner for some functions, cleaning your registry and uninstal


So for those of you who are looking for a reliable registry cleaner, then CCleaner is the right choice to clean your computer registry, so that computer performance will be faster. Another CCleaner feature is to set the startup windows, you can disable, enable, or delete items at windows startup, so the startup process will be faster because fewer items that must be loaded by windows when the process srartup.

Download CCleaner Free Registry Cleaner

Free Accounting Software From Adminsoft

Jobs, which is associated with accounting is not easy, because it needed precision and accuracy in recording all data transactions. Usually accounting workers, using accounting software to assist their work, most of this software is not free and not cheap.

So if you are looking for free accounting software to help your work, then you can try adminsoft accounts. Adminsoft Accounts is freeware, this free software, can help you work in recording customer data, create invoices etc.

First, you need to install this software, see the image below:


Free-Accounting-SoftwareAdminsoft size is 14MB, and you can download for free. With this software then you will be helped in a complex accounting matters if you do it manually.

This free accounting software developed by Adminsoft Ltd.

Download adminsoft free accounting software

Free Portable Wise Registry Cleaner

Important information on a computer will be stored in a registry, stored in a registry,that's why when you install a new application on your computer then the size of the registry is changed, the same thing will happen when you uninstall the application.

Registry that changed after we install new applications or remove it, usually will cause the registry to change the structure and is a frequent cause of reduced performance of a computer. So that the necessary repairs registry, to get maximum computer performance. To make cleaning the registry we can use some software registry cleaner, there are paid and many are free, depending on where you want to use.

Free Registry Cleaner
If you liked free software to clean the registry then you can try using Wise Registry Cleaner, because these applications may be used without the need to pay or free.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a free registry cleaner application, the advantages of this application is already available in portable version, so we can use it without needing to install it first on our computer.

Wise Registry Cleaner is one of free application to clean registry. Wise Registry Cleaner developed by: wisecleaner.

Download Portable Registry Cleaner