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AVG Free Edition 9.0

Attacked by the virus is very frustrating, because virus will cause some problems on the computer, such as causing computer slower than before, and even worse could damage the existing data in our computer. To reduce the risk of viruses, we can use anti virus. There are many anti virus software that is available, there are paid and some are free. Both free and paid anti virus software has advantages and disadvantages of each. This time I will write about AVG's free anti virus, this anti virus is quite popular and widely used by people.

AVG Free Edition is a free anti virus you can use without paying. This free anti virus is one of the best anti virus in the world. AVG Free Edition can protect your computer from various kinds of harm caused by viruses, worms, spyware and other that could damage the system on the computer. AVG Free Edition is perfect for those of you who frequently surf, because AVG Free Edition provides several online protections, such as LinkScanner, Phishing Protection, and Spyware.

Phishing Protection provides protection from sites that may be harmful, in other words AVG will make you more secure when browsing and avoid from threats that can damage your computer. So for those of you who need a good computer security while online and offline you can use AVG.

AVG Free Edition, free use for one computer and only for personal use. AVG Free Edition can be used on windows environment, such as XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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