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Teamviewer Remote Desktop Free

Remote-Desktop-freeMany remote desktop applications that are available out there, to connect one computer to another computer, either through a local network (LAN) or via the internet. From a variety of remote desktop applications all have their respective advantages. But based on my experience one of the best remote desktop application is TeamViewer. TeamViewer, ideal for those of you who often connect remotely. If you are an IT support, using TeamViewer you can easily access your computer from anywhere via an Internet connection. TeamViewer is very stable, fast and easy to use.


TeamViewer has several main functions:
  1. For Remote Desktop
  2. File Transfer
  3. For Presentation
  4. and VPN
TeamViewer is a remote desktop application with free license for personal use, It has been several years, I use TeamViewer for personal purposes, such as accessing my computer from the office or somewhere else when I needed, or to transfer files from my computer to another computer in the office.Like I said, TeamViewer Remote Desktop is very easy to use and stable. We just run TeamViewer on the two computers that will diremote, of course must have the same version. Once connected, we will get the ID and password. ID is used for identity by the other computers that will access. Once connected, we can start doing remote or exchanging files, even did a presentation from a distance.


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